Slate Isn’t Too Liberal, but

What readers said about the magazine’s bias and balance.

Recently at Slate’s annual retreat, we asked staffers to reflect on how political bias—specifically, what is perceived to be the magazine’s left-liberal leanings—may affect our coverage. The conversation was so spirited that we wanted to open it out to Slate Plus members. Many reiterated the point that integrity—as measured in fidelity to facts and rigorous critical thinking—was far more important than any semblance of ideological “balance,” and indeed that Slate’s generally left-of-center point of view is one of the things that attracts them to the magazine. Others had plenty of constructive criticisms and thoughtful suggestions, including adding more conservative voices to our print work and podcasts, working harder at achieving geographic diversity, and scaling back on framing stories in terms of “identity politics.” Below are lightly edited highlights from the discussion—which we welcome all our readers to continue.

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Jessica Winter

Jessica Winter @ Adrian Kinloch

Jessica Winter is executive editor of and a former editor at Slate and Time. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Bookforum, The Believer, and many other publications. She lives with her family in Flatbush, Brooklyn.