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The Guardian review: “an extraordinary debut”

“It’s the superb insights and penetrating writing that make this book remarkable... Winter is almost vicious in her dedication to truth...she lampoons the bourgeois Manhattanites who spend entire careers appropriating social justice movements for branding purposes and nothing else. There are a lot of them out there, and Winter captures their self-regarding bullshit with remarkable precision... Break in Case of Emergency asks the reader to consider whether a person’s problems can be serious and complex and important even though they are everybody else’s problems too... It's a high-quality tribute to ordinary experience, which makes it an extraordinary debut.”  The Guardian

Lenny’s Lit Thursday: Phenomenal Novels

Break in Case of Emergency was featured on Lena Dunham's Lenny for Lit Thursday.

“Haven’t we all been mildly miserable at work from time to time? Wondering why no one else appreciates the absurdity of the unironic jargon and duplicity of our coworkers? If you have ever felt this way... Break in Case of Emergency is for you...The personal and workplace plots are woven together beautifully. Read, cringe, laugh, relate.” –Jessica Grose, Lenny

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