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Jessica on LARB Radio Hour

Laurie Winer and Seth Greenland of the Los Angeles Review of Books spoke with Jessica about Break in Case of Emergency, the brutality of satire, the literary fiction–chick lit divide, and the conundrum that is Ivanka Trump. Find the podcast on iTunes here.

Jessica on New York Times Book Review Podcast

Jessica chatted with Pamela Paul on the latest “Inside the New York Times Book Review” podcast, also featuring Jessi Klein's conversation with Heather Havrilesky, author of How to Be a Person in the World. Find the podcast on iTunes or Google Play here.

Sunday New York Times Book Review: “A Debut Novel Grapples with Work, Marriage and Fertility”

Camille Perri, author of The Assistants, writes in the NYTBR: “Jessica Winter’s debut novel is a funny and moving commentary on that point in a woman’s life when everything seems to come into question...Anyone who’s ever worked in an office inundated with phoniness, passive aggression and a communication style heavy on duplicity will get a kick out of Winter’s sendup of LIFt’s toxic environment and sugarcoated cruelty...Even the heaviest scenes of financial angst and other tensions go down easily because of the novel’s short, brisk chapters. So does Winter’s writing style, which is full of tightly packed sentences that build on themselves.”
Read the full review here.

Slate’s “The Ladder”: The All-Female Toxic Workplace

Jessica talks to Slate’s workplace columnist L.V. Anderson about Break in Case of Emergency.

“Anyone who has ever had an intolerable office job will probably see him- or herself in Break in Case of Emergency—which might be painful if the book weren’t so funny...We talked about the differences between female and male managers, the importance of not caring too much about being liked, and the Dear Prudence column that inspired part of the book.” (More)

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