Can a Single Pill Change Your Life?

Can a single pill change your life?

MDMA, the active ingredient in the drug Ecstasy, has been reviled as a menace and even a killer. Now some therapists claim it can help light the way out of a traumatic past.

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You Won’t Believe What a Laser Can Do for a Face

Her friends saw enviably rosy cheeks. She saw 18th-century painted ladies. Her dermatologist saw a skin condition with an unpronounceable name. After a few false starts, Jessica Winter finally stops turning red. My facial features have never necessarily matched my inner state. My pupils are somewhat dilated most of the time, as if I’ve just…

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Daniel Day-Lewis: How the Greatest Living Actor Became Lincoln

The shy, soft-spoken actor on the challenge of portraying a man whom everyone and no one knows at once In the summer of 2011, the actress Sally Field began receiving text messages from Abraham Lincoln. “I’d hear that twinkle-twinkle on my phone, and he would have sent me some ridiculous limerick,” says Field, who plays…

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Chimp Change

When Marc Jurnove first visited the Long Island Game Farm Park and Zoo in the spring of 1995, he found Barney, a chimpanzee, living in bleak isolation, with only a swing to distract him and no other chimps in sight. Concerned, Jurnove sought legal action. However, the case that followed, Animal Legal Defense Fund v.…

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